Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Shout It Out Loud

Pervasive Parenting
By Kodey Toney

Shout It Out Loud

Christmas Parades and Sensory Processing Disorder are not a good combination. The loud sounds of the sirens along with the marching bands, loud cars, radio station's vehicles blaring music, and screaming kids mixed with thousands of flashing and twinkling lights are fast track to overstimulation. 
With that being said, we packed up on Saturday night to watch the local parade. 
With the emergency vehicles leading the way, screaming and blaring in our ears, Konner pulled the hood of his coat over his head and covered his ears. The cars began short burst of siren noises and I noticed something. It seemed that they were still blasting out the noises, but I turned to look and it was Konner. He was imitating the sounds of the sirens at what seemed like the same volume level. 
This is a part of the sensory disorder that I don't understand. Any noise that is loud or irritating can be recreated at the same or similar volume of it comes from their mouth. I just don't get it. 
I'm here to tell you the sirens that came from his mouth were the same pitch and volume as emergency vehicles. That could be that I was right next to him, but it was ear piercing. 
We went to visit the Christmas train on Sunday and a truck with loud pipes came into the parking lot. It began to rack off the pipes and was scared a few people. Konner covered his ears. Immediately I heard a similar noise ringing in my ears. It was Konner mimicking the sound he had just heard. 
Again, I don't understand. How can the same noise that caused him pain be acceptable when it comes from his mouth? 
The silver lining is this; in years past these same sirens, bands, and loud trucks would have caused meltdowns. Because we continue to work with him and subject him to these noises he has learned to tolerate them. I suppose the answer to my question could be that his way of coping is to be as loud as they are.

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