Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Dear Friend

Pervasive Parenting
By Kodey Toney

Dear Friend

Dear Diary,
For Christmas Konner received a diary that he asked for and began chronicling his daily life importances. The problem is that he tells about everything that he writes in it. In that same spirit I have decided to write this week's article in diary form. 
I really appreciate that Konner wants to write down his thoughts and keep up with what he feels is important. I just wish that he wouldn't share all of those ideas with his little brother.
By the way, his little brother is your typical brother. Even if Konner didn't tell off on himself, Kruz sneaks into his room and finds it to read. I mean, I'm really proud that he can read so well, but I wish he would leave Konner some privacy. 
However, I'm glad that in many ways they are "typical" siblings. 
Diary, this break has been pretty typical, but there have been a few things that have been a little different. Konner has been very agitated and aggressive in ways. He has been yelling and screaming, and I haven't been able to get things under control. On top of the outbursts he has been having tantrums (not meltdowns), and he has been really whiny lately. I guess this can be expected during Christmas break. After all, his routine is thrown off completely, and his little brother has been annoying him to no end. 
I just hope that it doesn't make going back to school too bad for him, but it probably will. I really hope that his teachers and classmates understand and work with him.

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