Sunday, May 6, 2012

Laughed Until We Cried

Recently released their Top 30 Autism Spectrum Blogs of 2012. As I began to research some of these I found some interesting sites that I would like to share with you. All of the sites are very informative, but some were more entertaining and insightful.

Let me begin by saying that I didn’t even know what was until I found this email from one of the many autism organizations I subscribe to. This site in its self is a great source for any parent. The site is listed being “for a new generation of parents.” It includes information for all parents, not just those with special needs children. There are so many links on this page for the whole family that I can’t even begin to describe them. However, if you are looking for advice, self-help, or resources for anything related to parenting you can probably find it here.

As I was looking through the list I realized that there were many differences between these blogs and what I do each week. While I recently started my own blog at, I only use it to chronicle my weekly column and give my followers an easier way to access the articles. The parents who are included in the top 30 list basically open the window to their souls and speak out about everything that is going on in their world. This is a venting session for many of them. The good, bad, and ugly are shown on the pages of their blogs. Of course they are all different, and some are research based, so that’s not completely true.

I’ve always viewed this as more of a way for me to share my research and opinion while mixing in some anecdotes from my life with my son.

That being said, there were several that I liked. In fact, I liked most, but some more than others.

“Adventures in Asperger’s” is a blog developed by a father from Shawnee, Ok. While it has some interesting, and funny stories, it also is nice to see a father’s perspective. It is also nice to have someone from Oklahoma on the list. He shares his point-of-view on his children with special needs.

“Adventures in Extreme Parenting” takes one mom’s obsession with Ryan Gossling and uses it to give a funny twist to a stressful life. I think every mother should check this one out, but every parent would get a kick out of Sunday Stillwell’s sense of humor. Stillwell is also an Oklahoma native hailing from Bartlesville, and leads us on a list of escapades with her sons she dubbed the “Trouble Brothers”.

“Autism Army Mom” has another funny look at motherhood. This woman holds nothing back as she explains the things she finds irritating about the world of autism.

“Autism Daddy” is a blog from a father who has an eight-year-old son with severe/classic autism. There is some great information and advice for all parents, but especially those who have someone on the more severe side of the spectrum.

Along the same lines; “Big Daddy Autism” is a funny look at the world of parenting a child on the spectrum. The author of this one, F. Lewis Stark, adds cartoons and hilarity to help explain his son’s quirks. One of his latest blogs is a synopsis of why his son is like the beloved 80s television character ALF.

“Laughing Through the Tears” is just what is says. It’s another fun look at autism while trying to avoid the frustration of everyday living. I particularly liked the blog about scouting. I don’t necessarily agree with it, but it is a funny look at one family’s view of joining scouts.

There are some blogs that give you an inside view of autism from those who are living with it directly. “Amy’s Tiny Corner of Existence”, “Dude, I’m an Aspie”, “From Inside the Heart”, and “Aspie From Main” are two example of this. They include stories of growing up with autism, and the day-to-day dealings of two adults diagnosed with Asperger’s.

There are also several that include interviews with national authors, doctors, and experts on autism. “Autism Radio UK”, “Autism Women’s Network Podcast”, and “Hope Saves the Day”.

These are only a few blogs on the list. If you would like to check out the list you can go to

I did notice that the blogs I enjoyed the most were the funny ones. I think that’s because sometimes if we didn’t laugh we would cry…or scream. We all need an outlet for our frustrations, and everyone wants to know that they are not alone in their problems.

I hope everyone enjoys these.

Disclaimer: I am in no way claiming to be an expert. I’m just a father who is trying to learn as much about Autism as I can to help my child. I hope that you all can learn from me, and I from you. I ask anyone who has questions or comments about something I have written, or autism, please contact me at I will try to answer questions as I have time, and if I find it interesting enough I may touch on it in my column.

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