Sunday, August 7, 2016

Kick A Hole In The Sky

Pervasive Parenting 
By Kodey Toney 

Kick A Hole In The Sky

Konner has been grounded this weekend. He decided to throw a little fit (not a meltdown) and kicked the door going into our laundry room. The end result was a small hole at the bottom of the door. Jen grounded him for a few days from his electronics which include his iPad and laptop. 
Some of you already know what a huge ordeal this is for Konner. This consumes much of his time; perhaps too much. Nevertheless this has caused him much agony and pain this weekend. He hasn't been able to play on Roblox and talk to his "friends" on there. This has caused him the most problems. 
He has a game called My Boo where he has to take care of an alien-type creature. He has to feed it, bathe it, and play with it or it will get sick. It's really good to help teach responsibility on a small scale. He has been really concerned that his boo is going to be sick if he doesn't get his iPad back soon. 
Of course there is also Minecraft and that annoying Talking Tom cat. 
The good part if this is that he has come to talk to us more. He's had more time since he hasn't had his head stuck in the electronics. While most of our conversation consist of him telling us how much he wants or needs his devices back, or which thomas train he wants the next time we go to the store, we have had some conversations about how to act better and his philosophy on life. 
He's also asked several times if there is anything he can do to get it back, and has even attempted to clean his room several times. Those tries have all fallen short since he gets bored quickly and decides "It's too hard" (please read that in the most whiny voice you can muster).
Another benefit has been that he has crawled into bed with us several times. He stands on the end of the bed, walks all the way to the head until his feet at nearly stepping on our heads, and the wedges his way in between us. This is a little annoying at times, but it's also kind of nice since he doesn't do this often. He's not much of one to cuddle, so this is a little different. 
In all this punishment has had its ups and downs, but in the long run it has been a pretty good experience for us all. He has even played trains and cars with Kruz some.

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